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Research Summaries

Advanced Power and Energy Program

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation
Goods Movement
  • Research summaries coming soon!

Advanced Central Generation Systems

Biomass & Fossil Energy Systems

Distributed Generation and CCHP

Distributed Generation CCHP
Building Integration
Electric Grid Integration
  • Potential Impacts of Distributed Generation on Air Quality in the San Joaquin Valley (SJV) of California - Research summary coming soon!
  • Building Design and Operation (pdf)
  • Grid Generation Mix on Air Quality in the South Coast Air Basin (pdf) - Research summary coming soon!
Heat Recovery and Utilization
  • Exhaust Enthalpy Control Unit (pdf)
  • Exhaust Enthalpy Control Unit-Tailoring of Exhaust Gas Enthalpy for Optimized Dg/CHP Applications - Research summary coming soon!
Systems Controls
Prime Mover Innovation

National Fuel Cell Research Center

Fuel Cell Science and Technology

Fuel Cell Science & Technology


University of California Combustion Laboratory

Combustion Science and Technology

Combustion Science & Technology

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