March 22-24, 2016 - UC Irvine Henry Samueli Engineering Complex




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March 24, 2016
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MARCH 22, 23, 24, 2016

ICEPAG.  The “Microgrid Global Summit” is one of two pillars in the ICEPAG (International Colloquium on Environmentally Preferred Advanced Generation) smart, clean-energy colloquium series.  Presented by the Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) at UC Irvine, the Global Summit Series alternates each year between two clean energy topics:  Microgrids and Grid Energy Innovation:

  • ICEPAG 2016: Microgrid Global Summit
  • ICEPAG 2017: Energy Innovation Global Summit
  • ICEPAG 2018: Microgrid Global Summit
  • ICEPAG 2019: Energy Innovation Global Summit

Why is ICEPAG a Colloquium?

A colloquium is:

A conference with a collection of tutorials and topics that engage
discussion from a well-informed, but not necessarily specialized, audience.

ICEPAG adopts this emphasis in order to strike a balance between industry and academia, students and practicing professionals, and tutorials and professional presentations.

ICEPAG 2016: Microgrid Global Summit
The need to increase grid resiliency and reliability -- as well as the desire to integrate sustainable energy resources and extend access to basic energy services -- is driving interest in Microgrids around the world.

Commercial and industrial end users, off-grid and remote communities, and those with special needs for highly reliable, highly secure energy sources are looking to Microgrids as a critical tool for enhancing the performance of the electric grid.

The 2016 Microgrid Global Summit brings together experts from Industry, Government, and Academia from around the world to examine these issues and share critical, cutting edge information about real-world, on-the-ground Microgrid deployments that are pushing the envelope of energy reliability, quality, and accessibility.

The Summit addresses these issues in a robust format that includes:

UC Irvine Microgrid

  • A Plenary session
  • Business Track Breakout sessions
  • Technical Track Breakout sessions
  • Day 3 "Freedom of Exchange" sessions
  • Day 3 UCI Microgrid Tour 


What makes this a must-attend event?

  • COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM: A central priority of the 3-day Summit is to carefully examine actual deployments of Commercial, Military, and Industrial end user Microgrids as well as grid-tied, utility-distribution systems, zeroing in on key take-aways and lessons learned. The goal is to bring together investor-owned, co-op, and municipal utilities to focus on where "the rubber meets the road" when it comes to actually designing, implementing, and operating Microgrids.

To capture an integrated view of clean energy systems more effectively than any other forum, the Microgrid Global Summit also addresses:

    • The spectrum of clean energy generation
    • Modernization of the Microgrid to a smart resource
    • The nexus of clean transportation and the grid
  • OBJECTIVE AND INSIGHTFUL: A diverse range of tutorials and presentations and attendees participate which assures non-biased content and insight on the latest, cutting edge information regarding clean energy technologies and markets.
  • KEY STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Attendees are comprised of influential figures from industry, academia, and government with a stake in clean energy.
  • RICH DIALOG: Attendees with a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines share their perspective on clean energy technologies and lessons learned in an effective and well-rounded set of discussions.
  • INTERNATIONAL CONSTITUENCY: For the past 16 years, ICEPAG has been a premier global forum in which clean energy leaders from around the world share and discuss their perspectives.
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: Attendees will have opportunities to network during an evening reception that will be held at the Advanced Power and Energy Program headquarters, as well as during lunches and networking breaks during the colloquium.

Who should attend?

The Microgrid Global Summit is intended for industrial, utility, agency, and consulting professionals who wish to meet the Microgrid opportunity head-on. This includes investor owned, municipal, and co-op energy utilities in major metropolitan areas around the world, as well as in rural and remote or off-grid environments, grid equipment providers, and agencies engaged in the regulation and technology development of microgrids.

The discussions will also be particularly relevant to Microgrid project developers and commercial or industrial end users who are planning a deployment or looking to optimize their current systems. Energy providers in the developing world who seek to make power accessibility a reality to local populations will also benefit greatly from the Summit.

Finally, networking and information sharing will be of key interest to regulators, public policy professionals, technology developers, system integrators, investors, urban planners, and others who wish to understand the potential and challenges currently surrounding Microgrid systems.

The Colloquium is also intended for professionals or students from industry, government or academia who are seeking to remain on the cutting edge of the clean energy paradigm shift. This includes stakeholders involved in:

  • The design, manufacture, or installation of electric power generators whether on a small distributed scale, or on a central scale.
  • Companies involved in consulting, planning, and development of clean energy utilization systems related to smart grids or microgrids.

Lastly, the networking and information sharing will be of key interest to regulators, public policy professionals, researchers, technology developers, system integrators, investors, urban planners, and others who wish to understand the potential and challenges currently associated with the generation or utilization of clean energy.




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