Building Integration Tutorial

Building integration DG templates

This website provides an interactive tool for the user’s exploration of Distributed Energy Resources. Due to the customizability of this tool, it is easiest to think of the tool as a building template, and this website provides this tool for a variety of building types. These building templates are therefore a guide for assessing the impact of installing distributed generation with waste heat recovery on the economic performance, energy utilization, and environmental impact signature of a building.

It is also important to understand that this website is effective for analyzing buildings with a commercial use as opposed to an institutional purpose. This distinction is crucial as it determines the character of both the thermal and electric loads as well as any possibility for “sharing” of these resources between adjacent buildings or buildings connected to a common source line. A Commercial Building is an edifice used to generate income to the property owner and includes business office buildings, medical office buildings, and retail stores.  By contrast, an Institutional Building is an edifice built in support of a large complex such as a university campus, a government agency, and an airport terminal.


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