ICEPAG 2020 Hydrogen: A Platform for Sustainability  Header Image

To submit an application for presenting at ICEPAG 2020:

  • Download the PDF Application Form by clicking here and save to your computer.

  • Complete the form and save.

  • Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of your saved PDF. This will email your attached application to wmg @

  • Submit on or before Monday July 27, 2020.

Applications that will be seriously considered include fundamental studies (typically presented by academia) and applications (typically presented by industry). Commercialization is strictly prohibited. As a result, the abstract must clearly make a compelling case for a significant, commercial-free, presentation.

Those applications accepted for presentation will be announced on or before Thursday July 30, 2020.


William Gary
Manager, Outreach & External Relations
Advanced Power & Energy Program
University of California, Irvine
Tel: 949.824.7302 ext. 11131
Email: wmg @