Hydrogen Fueling Standards


Title Description

CSA Hydrogen Gas Vehicle (HGV) 4.3

Test Methods for Hydrogen Fueling Parameter Evaluation


Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Compressed Gas Association (CGA) G-5.3

Commodity Specification for Hydrogen

EN 17127

Outdoor hydrogen refuelling points dispensing gaseous hydrogen and incorporating filling protocols

ISO 13984

Liquid Hydrogen - Land Vehicle Fueling System Interface

ISO 13985

Liquid Hydrogen - Land Vehicle Fuel Tanks

ISO/IEC 14443

Identification cards, Contactless integrated circuit cards, Proximity Cards

Part 1: Physical characteristics

Part 2: Radio frequency power and signal interface

Part 3: Initialization and anti-collision

Part 4: Transmission protocol

ISO 14687

Title: Hydrogen fuel quality — Product specification

ISO 15916

Basic Considerations For the Safety of Hydrogen Systems

ISO/IEC 15961

Data Protocol for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Item Management

Part 1: Application Interface

Part 2: Registration of RFID Data Constructs

Part 3: RFID Data Constructs

Part 4: Application Interface Commands for Battery Assist and Sensor Functionality

ISO/IEC 15961

Information Technology – Data Protocol for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for Item Management

Part 1: Unique Identification for RF Tags Numbering Systems

Part 2: Unique Identification for RF Tags Registration Procedures

ISO 16110

Hydrogen generators using fuel processing technologies

Part 1: Safety

Part 2: Test methods for performance

ISO 16111

Transportable gas storage devices - hydrogen absorbed in reversible metal hydrides

ISO 17268

Gaseous hydrogen land vehicle refuelling connection devices

ISO/IEC 18000

Information Technology—Radio Frequency Identification for Item Management

Part 1: Reference architecture and definition of parameters to be standardized

Part 2: Parameters for air interface communications below 135 kHz

Part 3: Parameters for air interface communications at 13,56 MHz

Part 4: Parameters for air interface communications at 2,45 GHz

Part 61: Parameters for air interface communications at 860 MHz to 960 MHz Type A

Part 62: Parameters for air interface communications at 860 MHz to 960 MHz Type B

Part 63: Parameters for air interface communications at 860 MHz to 960 MHz Type C

ISO/IEC 18046

Information Technology, Automatic Identification and Data Capture Techniques, Radio Frequency Identification Performance Test Methods

Part 1: Test methods for system performance

Part 2: Test methods for interrogator performance

Part 3: Test methods for tag performance

ISO 19880

Gaseous hydrogen— fuelling stations

Part 1: General Requirements

Part 2: Dispensers

Part 3: Valves

Part 4: Compressors

Part 5: Dispenser hoses and hose assemblies

Part 6: Fittings

Part 7: O-rings

Part 8: Fuel quality control

Part 9: Sampling for fuel quality analysis

ISO 19881

Gaseous hydrogen — Land vehicle fuel containers

ISO 19882

Gaseous hydrogen — thermally activated pressure relief devices for compressed hydrogen vehicle fuel containers

ISO 19883

Safety of pressure swing adsorption systems for hydrogen separation and purification

ISO 19884

Gaseous hydrogen – cylinders and tubes for stationary storage

ISO 19885

Gaseous hydrogen — fuelling protocols for hydrogen-fuelled vehicles

Part 1: Design and development process for fueling protocols

Part 2: Definition of communications between vehicle and dispenser control systems

Part 3: High flow H2 fueling protocols for heavy duty vehicles

ISO 19887 (WIP)

Gaseous Hydrogen — Fuel system components for hydrogen fuelled vehicles

ISO 22734

Hydrogen generators using water electrolysis — Industrial, commercial, and residential applications

ISO 26142

H2 detection apparatus - stationary applications


Hydrogen Technologies Code

NIST Handbook 44

Specifications, Tolerances, and other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices

 NIST Handbook 130

Uniform Laws and Regulations in the Areas of Legal Metrology and Fuel Quality

SAE J2600

Title: Compressed Hydrogen Surface Vehicle Fueling Connection Devices

Hydrogen fueling nozzle

Establishes pressure standards (H11, H25, H35, H50, H70)

SAE J2601

Title: Fueling Protocols For Light Duty Gaseous Hydrogen Surface Vehicles

Hydrogen fueling for LDVs, fueling protocol with & without communications

SAE J2601-2

Title: Fueling Protocol For Gaseous Hydrogen Powered Heavy Duty Vehicles

Guidance Document

SAE J2601-3

Title: Fueling Protocol for Gaseous Hydrogen Powered Industrial Trucks

SAE J2719

Title: Hydrogen Fuel Quality for Fuel Cell Vehicles

SAE J2799

Title: Hydrogen Surface Vehicle to Station Communications Hardware and Software