Project Background

The information presented in this online resource is consolidated from numerous reports and research papers, in-progress standards development within standards and testing organizations, and direct feedback from key stakeholders involved in the development of charging and fueling protocols and technologies for on-road medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. To the extent applicable, light-duty standards and equipment are included, due to their foundational overlap with medium- and heavy-duty standards. This online resource is publicly available in order to provide guidance to government and stakeholders on standardization and support them on making informed decisions related to new regulations, vehicle deployment, infrastructure planning, and State support.

Battery Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies

The goals of the assessment are to (1) evaluate the current status of charging and hydrogen fueling standards for zero-emission electric medium and heavy duty (MHD) vehicles and (2) provide policy recommendations to accelerate zero-emission MHD deployment through standardization. The findings of the project will be summarized in a white paper and will be hosted online as a broader web resource database with information on the current standards initiatives and zero-emission MHD activities.

Our Findings to Date

Two major sources to inform our findings are Consultatory Meetings with stakeholders and participation on international and national standards setting committees. Both, along with a sustained and detailed literature search, are designed to inform a white paper and web-based Informational Resource as a publicly available resource. The initial findings cover the crucial infrastructure standards as well as technology and standards gaps that need to be addressed in order to achieve widescale deployment of medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles.

Your Comments

Stakeholder comments are welcome throughout the project and will help to inform both the standards assessment and final policy recommendations.