APEP Provides Educational Tours

December 7, 2015

During the summer of 2015, both local and international student organizations had the opportunity to learn about clean energy production, utilization and sustainability while visiting the Advanced Power and Energy Program's (APEP) research laboratories. Students from FABcamp hosted by UCI's Henry Samueli School of Engineering, Garden Grove High School, and the American Association of University Women's TechTrek summer math camp participated in visits over the summer. International college students were hosted from Japan, Saudi Arabia, and China. Graduate student researchers at APEP provided an introduction to fuel cells and exhibited their current stationary fuel cell research, demonstrated a live combustion fuel flexibility experiment, and showcased APEP's test fleet of Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Battery Electric Vehicles, and the UCI Anteater Express Fuel Cell Electric Bus. Guided by the graduate student researchers, TechTrek visitors engaged in a hands-on electrolysis experiment using pencils, saltwater, and a 9V battery to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.