On-Site Research Capabilities

High-Bay Fuel Cell Systems Laboratory

Supports the operation and testing of large fuel cell and fuel processing equipment

Fuel Cell Fundamentals Laboratory

Supports wet chemistry methods for the synthesis of traditional and novel Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) materials as well as the discovery of new fuel cell materialst

Fuel Cell Materials Laboratory

Materials processing and characterization equipment for manufacturing and testing novel SOFCs

Distributed Generation Test Bed

Distributed Generation Test Bed Pre-commercial testing and demonstration of distributed energy technologies from a few watts to 500 kilowatts with combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP)

Computational Analyses Laboratory

Development and application of computational resources including computational fluid dynamics, steady state and dynamic cycle analyses, chemical kinetics, and stress analyses

Combustion Fundamentals Test Cells

Provide advanced diagnostic capabilities to study combustion and flowfield behavior

Advanced Gas Turbine Combustion Laboratory

Allows combustion technologies to be evaluated on a system that approaches the scale of commercial devices yet maintains the detailed monitoring and flexibility offered by a laboratory setting

High-Pressure Facility

Enables research combustion to "see" the behavior of reacting and non-reacting one- and two-phase flows at engine conditions

Conference Rooms

Multi-Function Room

Room 116

Room 220