Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Advanced Power and Energy Program.

Why Give?

The Advanced Power and Energy Program at the University of California, Irvine addresses the development and deployment of efficient, environmentally sensitive, sustainable power generation and energy conversion worldwide.

At the heart of our efforts is the creation of new knowledge brought about through fundamental and applied research, and the sharing of this knowledge through education and outreach. A key defining characteristic of our efforts is taking our research an additional step beyond the laboratory to practical application and real world deployment; a practice we refer to as “Bridging.” Industry is actively engaged and vital to our work as are key government agencies that combined, form our strategic alliances.

Research agreements with companies and federal and state agencies provide major funding support for the Advanced Power and Energy Program. While these research agreements provide substantial support, they do not meet all of the program needs or allow the flexibility to conduct initial research in promising areas.

Donations from corporations and individual donors provide the critical support to fill gaps in funding, to ensure full support of our students, to conduct outreach and education, and for research in exciting new areas.

Pathways to Support APEP

We very much appreciate your gift in support of our research and students; it will be used for our greatest need unless you specify a particular area of interest. You can deliver your gift in three ways:

1)  To contribute with your credit card, please click here.

2)  To send a gift by check, please make it payable to "The Regents of the University of California" and mail it to:

2)  Advanced Power and Energy Program
2)  ATTN: Jeff Wojciechowski
2)  University of California, Irvine
2)  Irvine, CA 92697-3550

3)  To donate securities, equipment, or other assets, please contact Jeff Wojciechowski at jsw @ or by phone at 949.824.7302 extension 11115.

For questions, contact Jeff Wojciechowski at jsw @ or by phone at 949.824.7302 extension 11115.