APEP Scientist Publishes Definitive Book on
Combined Cycle Systems for Electric Power Generation

May 20, 2013

PEPís Dr. Ashok Rao, along with an international team of contributors, released the book Combined cycle systems for near-zero emission power generation through Woodhead Publishing. The book provides a comprehensive review of the combined cycle power plant and advanced gas turbine design, engineering and operational issues of a range of the main types of combined cycle systems. Also included is a discussion of the technology, efficiency and emissions performance of natural gas-fired combined cycle (NGCC) systems and integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) systems, along with humid air cycle systems and oxy-combustion turbine cycle systems.

The final chapter reviews techno-economic analysis of combined cycle systems. Prior to his current role of Chief Scientist at APEP, Dr. Rao was a director of process engineering and a senior fellow at Fluor. He has worked extensively in the design and development of gas-fired power plants, and gasification and synthetic fuels plants. Dr. Rao is the recipient of several patent awards in the area of energy conversion, including a patent for the Humid Air Turbine (HAT) cycle, an advanced gas turbine based cycle.