APEPís 2015 Conferences and Workshops

August 27, 2015

In the spring of 2015 APEP hosted six events that brought together industry, academia, and government agencies with each event focusing on a different aspects of the changing clean energy paradigm.

The annual Gas Turbine Combustion Short Course (GTCSC) delivered by the UCI Combustion Lab covered topics of emissions, design, performance, theory, and regulations associated with gas turbine combustion systems. At the conclusion of the GTSC, the UCICL delivered the Atomization & Sprays Short Course in the UCICL lab located on the UCI campus. Attendees were introduced to the theory of atomization and evaporation and how these concepts connect to practical devices used in fuel injection, coatings, and pharmaceutical applications.

The 2nd National Fuel Cell Symposium (NFCS) and half-day Fuel Cells 101 short course were held in early May in Sacramento, CA. Under a "banner" of The Future is Here, the focus of this year's Symposium was on stationary fuel cell development and deployment, while the Fuel Cells 101 course addressed topics on fuel cell technology and their market potential.