Two Major Customers to Use Fuel Cells for Clean Energy

May 16, 2013

Verizon will be installing ClearEdge Power's PureCell Model 400 Fuel Cell at 10 of its facilities throughout the U.S.

At 14.9 MW, FuelCell Energy's installation at Bridgeport is the largest fuel cell project in North America today

Both ClearEdge Power and FuelCell Energy reached major milestones in the month of May 2013 through partnerships that mark a significant step forward for the stationary fuel cell industry. FuelCell Energy is partnering with one of the country’s largest utilities and ClearEdge Power with Verizon, in two of the largest deals to take place in the U.S. stationary fuel cell market to-date.

May 3rd, 2013 marked the groundbreaking for the largest North American fuel cell power project in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Officials from one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, Dominion, and FuelCell Energy, Inc. came together for the start of the project that will efficiently produce 14.9 megawatts of clean energy, enough to power about 15,000 homes. The Dominion Bridgeport Fuel Cell will contribute to the state’s goal in increasing renewable and clean energy projects by 150 megawatts. FuelCell Energy is contracted to build, operate, and maintain the project with the installation of five Direct Fuel Cell stationary fuel cell power plants and an organic rankine turbine that will turn the waste heat into electricity. Projected completion and operation of the project will be in late 2013.

The deal announced between ClearEdge Power and Verizon to install ClearEdge Power’s PureCell Model 400 stationary fuel cell, at 10 of Verizon’s corporate offices, call centers, data centers, and central offices in California, New Jersey, and New York is part of a $100 million investment by Verizon in a broadly reaching energy project, which includes solar power as well as stationary fuel cells. When completed, the fuel cells and solar installations will produce a combined 70 million kilowatt hours of clean energy, which is equivalent to powering more than 6,000 single-family homes a year, while eliminating 10,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Installing ClearEdge Power’s stationary fuel cell systems alone will generate more than 60 million kilowatts hours of electricity and reduce 6,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. The solar installation by SunPower Corp. will produce 8 million kilowatt hours of electricity alone and reduce Verizon’s carbon emissions by 5,000 metric tons. With the implementation of ClearEdge Power fuel cells, this installation will help Verizon achieve its goal of cutting carbon emission in half by 2020.